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Even though Macs have only one keyboard key for it, there is a difference between carriage return and enter. I need to type an enter not return into a field it's a macro utility, and there's no ability to enter ASCII codes.

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I know there used to be a way to do this maybe it's because I used to have a keyboard with a numeric keyboard where the Enter key sent an enter command but I don't have a full-sized keyboard anymore. Besides Canadian Luke's correct answer above, I discovered a kinda kludgy way to do this as well, and it should work whatever keyboard or lack thereof you have.

You can also use KeyRemap4MacBook to for example map control-return to enter:.

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Anne-Marie Concepcion. LOVE this article!

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I was teaching InDesign last week and one of the students had the same problem. I had to walk over and watch him as he hit the Return key, and yep he was hitting the number pad Enter key on his Mac keyboard, thinking it was a duplicate of the Return key. The text was oversetting the text frame, since there was no column to jump to.

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Thanks Anne-Marie! Wayne Dickson. So glad to learn about the column break.

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Thank you!!! I use several computers at work and one of them has a compact keyboard. This article will save me a lot of hair pulling!

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I am on the internet. I love this computer design world.

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I never stop learning! The Enter Keys: Non-Identical Twins First of all, note that while Windows PCs have an Enter key on both the main keyboard and numeric keypad, Macs have a Return key on the main keyboard and an Enter key on the numeric keypad. Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop enter key keyboard shortcut numeric keypad.